This is a hard post to write, because for the first time since launching the Bit Pop brand, I’m expecting a decent spike in traffic to the site. Why? Well, my good pals over at Pixel Brain just released the first teaser for MMSBC: Real Battle on Film, a live action short, showcasing the story and characters from my comic book series! At this point, most people know the story, and while I thought about retelling it for the millionth time, no one needs to hear about how it was a failure-turned-comic-turned-whatever. You can read that in the MMSBC section of the website. It’s super difficult because I can’t properly put into words how exciting this is. Really, it’s honestly so surreal. I’ve managed to churn out a few amazing projects over the last few years…

A self published comic? An Atari game? A children’s book? What?! How amazing is that? Why is this so much greater or more meaningful? It’s about closure. It’s about never saying never. It’s about seeing it, believing in it, and making it happen. Even before I made the call to make MMSBC into a comic book series, the helmets that you see in the trailer, they haunted me. They were stored in my parents basement for years, collecting dust and taking up space. I’d pick one up, dust it off, and all it brought were sharp, painful memories of heartbreak and failure. I talk about the MMSBC film project and I tend to point fingers and place blame on why it didn’t work.

Was it the fault of one person in particular? It was. That person was me. GASP!


Yeah, the timing was off, and the people who I was keeping company with and trusting were poisonous, but the truth is…I was making the movie for all of the wrong reasons. I wanted people to cheer me. I wanted people to know my name. I wanted people to ask me deep, personal questions. When I was in my mid-20s, after I screened the short film, ‘Bizarre Love Triangle’ at MAGFest, I had a huge inferiority complex about being a a writer and a filmmaker. I thought my films were really simplistic and silly, and I wanted to write complex, intense, beautiful movies. That’s why I wrote MMSBC. You wouldn’t think that, huh? Anyway, I started writing it and studying these modern masterpieces that were winning Oscars and awards at Sundance, and all that I realized was that I didn’t really like contemporary A-list films. I genuinely enjoy garbage like the Swamp Thing TV series a lot. I guess I can’t change who I am inside. MMSBC is a campy love letter to all of my oddball interests and I wouldn’t change a thing about it.


The art of making a movie is so much more multifaceted than just pointing a camera and hitting record — it involves script writing, collaborating with other writers and artists, and some improvisation. I do have a lot of appreciation for what real filmmakers do now, and ALSO see that they can have an important and beneficial effect on the world outside of ONE event out of the year where people happen to like the same old antiquated video games that you do. I met a lot of cool kids at MAGFest, but why that happened to be the benchmark set in my mind for acceptance is beyond me. I’ve changed a lot.


Hitting the reset button, getting married, having a child – it really changes your priorities. When I had the vision of collaborating with Pixel Brain, and we agreed to make this thing work, I knew I wouldn’t have to look at the Ranger helmets the same way again. Everything clicked this time around, and I can honestly say that it’s the most proud that I’ve ever been of a creative project. You guys, I have a comic book series, a few retro games, and now a super cool trailer (or two!) to show off. Finish your projects. Do the hard work. It’s worth it. Visualize it, see it, and act on it. You have plenty of time. Scratch that! Time is just an illusion! Remember, your reality is yours to create and if you do not like what you’ve created so far, you have the power to change it. Ultimately, what you believe is a product of your habitual thoughts. You can truly be, do and have anything you desire. All you have to do is believe it. You may have been taught to only believe what you see, but in truth you will only see it once you believe it.

In the words of Henry Ford, “whether you believe you can, or your can’t, you are right”.

Enjoy the first MMSBC teaser trailer!


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