Interface – Loveletters to Old Video Game Magazines & Sega CD

I have a little box in my office filled with old video game magazines from 1992-1995. I’d say about 85% of them have a Street Fighter II themed cover. I wouldn’t call myself a collector of old magazines. I’m more like a hoarder. In fact, I’m trying to really narrow down my “collecting” to some things that are more specific. Something to make the chase a little more exciting. The idea of owning a complete set of something always seemed impossible, so any “collection” that I’ve amassed, is quite the hodge-podge of crap. As far as video games go, for me, it’s not about having every single game, but having the ones that mean the most to me. While not the BEST system of all time, my favorite system is the Sega CD. That’s one console that I feel like I could realistically own every single US release. I’m actually well on my way, and just yesterday I found a pretty rare game out in the wild for under $20. Yup! Mad Dog II – The Lost Gold! Chances are, I’ll never ever play it, but man it feels good to own it. I shouldn’t say that actually. I WANT to play it. I just never have time. I like to imagine myself retired at age 55, looking up codes for Sega CD games. Very likely.

Anyway, 1992-1995 were when video games meant the most to me, and that probably explains my fascination with the Sega CD. It was something that felt so premium, yet so affordable. We can thank the magazines for that. I wound up finally owning one closer to 1995 after it had fizzled out, but you best believe that I rented one as often as I could. In fact, I “accidentally” rented a Sega CD game once JUST to con my parents into renting a Sega CD for me. I’m certain that I was a turd of a child.

So, I’m gonna flip through Electronic Gaming Monthly (May, 1993 – Volume 6, Issue 5) in search of something to ramble about. Let’s see what we find!


Welp. That was fast. THE COVER! I love this image. LOVE IT. It’s an airbrushed masterpiece. Today, things are way too…uniform. Everything adheres to such a strict style guide and look, that it all comes off as so sterile and boring. Remember the thousands of artistic interpretations of the Ninja Turtles way back in the early 90’s? Variety is good. And confusing. How many people saw this and thought Bison was sitting on a crate and forcing Guile to smell the bottom of his boot? I just noticed this.


Time Gal! A Sega CD game that I don’t actually own. This one is kinda-sorta rare, and is a full motion video romp that I think just commands you to hit the right button at the right time while a movie plays. I’m pretty sure it’s popularity stems from it’s anime look, but again, looking at that cover, the world just wasn’t ready for dem big eyes. Hysterical. Could you imagine if that were still the case today?


I love this movie unironically and will defend it’s amazing brilliance until the bitter end. Nothing left to say. My only regret is not seeing it in theaters.


This guy is complaining that they changed the SNES version of Ranma 1/2 to a generic fighting game called Street Combat. How was this guy aware of Ranma 1/2 in 1993? I guess in 1993 I was only 11, so it’s not IMPOSSIBLE for this guy to have picked up on it somewhere but still…the pre-internet days amaze me.


I wanna carry this into a serious Street Fighter tournament. Also, I was a SEARS FUNTRONICS t-shirt. They had such an awesome video game display.


X-Men was the very first game I owned for the Sega Genesis and I have to say, I completely agree with this review. It’s jerky and ugly. The game doesn’t hold up very well, but the sequel, X-Men 2 Clone Wars is top notch!


This man is a pro athlete. Look how happy he looks to have his very own SNES game! According to Wikipedia, he’s now 60 years old and was arrested in 2008 at an NCAA basketball game for not wanting to leave the arena. Um, okay. Moving on…


This is an ad for Bomberman on the Turbo Grafx 16. Nothing says grunge rock like Bomberman. Sing Pearl Jam’s “Better Man” song replacing better with BOMBER. I just made you laugh out loud. 😀

On that note, I need to get back to work and this article must conclude on a different day! Stay tuned! We’ll get through this magazine!

3 responses

  1. Wow. I had that issue and I never realized how badly they desecrated the Ranma fighting game. When I was in my early 20s I came back from Japan with a bunch of carts including that one. Me and my buddy would chuckle when one of the characters seem to exclaim “I’VE GOT TO MAINTAIN!” during a special move. I’ve lived by that advice ever since.

  2. Ranma 1/2, one of my greatest loves. Though I did not become aware of it till about 95-96, whatever time I was in 8th grade. I remember paying $50 to import super hard battle way back in the day. I still have that cart and its one of my favorite super fami era games.

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