Fatman Returns

Hey gang. Last time I made a post, it was because I was putting together a shiny new portfolio. Well, good news…

I have a new job! I told everyone in my professional circles that I wasn’t ACTIVELY seeking a new job, and that this gig just sorta landed in my lap, but that’s not necessarily true. I’ve enjoyed my time teaching, but I hated my time working for a college. Does that make any sense? It’s not very tasteful to bash, and as of this writing I still teach there a couple of days per week, but what I do now is way less stressful, and being able to go out on top and leave on my own terms…it feels good.

I could continue to write more run-on sentences about my time teaching, but I’ll spare you. Let’s talk about something else…

Basement Tapes is on hold pretty much for good. At some point it may rear its had around. I don’t know. Yesterday I tried to do a mini version for the web where I reviewed an old Sailor Moon episode. Aside from trying to record quietly, it was a miserable failure. 3/4 of the through editing, I quit. It was really bad. I mean,  have to do it for real. No cutting corners. Stay tuned. Part of accepting this new job means ZERO free time, and producing a TV show requires quite a bit of it. I love the idea, but I need time.

Here are a few other things that are on my mind in case anyone is stalking me online…

CHRISTMAS! Less than 2 weeks away…

Nikoh is getting some awesome stuff. I’d be a liar if I said I wasn’t just as excited about his toys as he is. Wrestling figures, Sonic the Hedgehog race tracks, Ninja Turtles stuff…it’s like I get to be a child all over again.

WELLNESS! I fell off of the wagon when it came to using MyFitnessPal religiously, but I’ve maintained my weight loss and I’m back to using it full-time again. It feels great. I’m tempted to show a picture or two of what I looked like a few years ago. I was cleaning out an old hard drive and I was shocked at what I saw. I was a FAT dude. Like, seriously…fast food, and eating was a way to really cope with a lot of my troubles of the time, and to be honest, it was my escape. I found this video clip where I was filming some stuff at my apartment, and sure enough, right there on my desk were a big fat box of McDonalds Chicken Selects and 2 Double Cheeseburgers. That was a regular meal for me. Insanity.

VIDEO GAMES! I bought a WII U on day 1. It’s neat I guess. Okay, I won’t lie. It’s very disappointing. I can remember the Gamecube launch, waiting outside and midnight with all of my friends, playing Wave Race all night. This was just…bleh. No midnight launch, a weak line up, and no real WOW factor. I hope something comes along to change that soon. I see the potential in the machine, just…not feeling it at the moment.

LIFE IN GENERAL! Things are good. I have an amazing son, a talented, beautiful wife…it’s fantastic. Next year we hope to do a little more traveling and saving (which typically don’t go together) but when you have a kid as amazing as I do, everyday is something special and new.

Perhaps I’ll post again soon, maybe recapping some of my gift gets. Who knows? Right now, I’m a busy dude….


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