Eats-ter Sunday.

I had a lot to eat yesterday.  Ham, baked beans, fatty potato salad, and lots of chocolate bunnies.  The highlight of the day was finally getting a family photo taken.  Check us out – ADORABLE!


Actually, I’m lucky the wind was blowing at the right angle. That head full of hair is merely an illusion.  (coming soon – a full review of the PowerGrow Laser Comb)

Not much to say really.  I dislike this time of year, so by default Easter is my least favorite holiday.  Not the worst Easter ever, but certainly the worst week I’ve had in a long time.

Nothing is worse than being broke.  I hate not having money.  Sure, the bills are paid, but not having that little blanket of cash to buy even a 20oz Mountain Dew White Out is no fun.  I came to that realization on Monday.  But hey!  I had Monday Night Raw to look forward to right?  It’s the day after Wrestlemania!  Nope.  My brand new TV…DEAD.  Won’t turn on.  Awesome.  Well, at least you don’t have to work nights this quarter, right?  WRONG.  Thursday night, I had to work from 8AM to 10PM.  No buys. At least you’re healthy.  No injuries, right?  HA!  I wish!  I broke my toe.  No joke.  This past week was not very fun.  The simple act of doing loads of laundry last night was so easy and productive and disaster-free that I ACTUALLY enjoyed it quite a bit.  I even managed to watch an episode of Storage Wars on Netflix.

I need to quit writing while I’m ahead. This post is the epitome of what I never wanted this site to be.  No one cares what I did this week.  Granted, very few people care about what I have to chime in on in regards to Tiger Handhelds and TV dinners, but I digress.  Digress, meaning I’ve gone too far off-topic, but I never really had a topic to begin with so…



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  1. Man, I know exactly what you mean. Over the past couple years carpet work has all but dried up completely leaving less and less money for my family to spend while more and more expenses come in. If it wasn’t for the tax return we received we wouldn’t have had any sort of spending money for the entire year. I can’t tell you it gets better but I can at-least tell you you aren’t alone.

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