Still Alive. Survived a Youthquake.

I fell asleep at around 11PM last night.  That’s not too bad for me.  While my body shuts down at around 10PM, I’ll take 11PM over 1:30AM any day of the week. I often have morbid visions of a total apocalypse. Last night, at around 12AM, I thought for sure that the world had come to an end.  Turns out it was just a thunderstorm.  My lovely wife heard the crazy thunder before I did, and she woke me up with “WHAT IS THAT!?  OMIGOSH DID YOU HEAR THAT!?”  Half asleep, I sat up and felt the vibration on the bedroom window.  I was 100% certain that the earth was collapsing.  I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t live in areas prone to earthquakes.

However, YOUTHQUAKES…that’s a completely different story!  Check out this screen cap of a promo for USA’s YOUTHQUAKE!

I have been doing as much research as possible in my free time to prepare for the June launch of Basement Tapes. This is going to be one heck of a show. Those close know that one of the biggest inspirations for MMSBC was USA Network’s Night Flight.  That’s still going to be the case here, but imagine Night Flight + USA Cartoon Express + TNT Monster Vision + MidSouth Wrestling + MST3K – riffing + robots.  It’s going to be awesome.  Some people have asked me who from MMSBC will be back, specifically co-hosts and recurring  characters.  Well, this is truly a fresh start.  While the first episode will forever link it to the original Main Moon Super Buffet Cinema, it will also step forward and boldly exclaim just how different it’s going to be.  If you thought MMSBC was weird…get ready!

Here are some more quickies:

Where can I watch the show?

The show will air weekly on Campbell County Media Central in Northern Kentucky (channel 21) and stream online at the BITPOPTV USTREAM channel.

How long will each episode run?

Right now, the plan is 2 hours.  Any less would just seem pointless.  Ideally, I would love it running all night long.

Which brings me to the next one!  What time will it be on?

Here is the plan…of course this could change, but right now new episodes will air on Saturday nights from 11PM to 1AM.  The previous weeks show will air the following Friday in that same time slot (11PM-1AM)  So!  If you missed a show the week before, no worries.

Is this strictly a B-Movie theater show?

Hardly.  This show is going to be unpredictable, and I mean that in the most controlled way possible.  The idea here, is that I have all of these tapes, and we have no idea what we’re going to find on them.  It’s like opening a new present every week.  Could be 20 years old, could be from 2 weeks ago, and it could be from old Main Moon Productions stuff.  That’s part of the fun!

Who is on board from the old MMP staff?

Well, so far this is a one man show.  My wife will certainly be on the show in some form, and I know some old favorites like Matt Carius, Stan Jones, and Shane-o-Mac would probably stop by for a cameo here and there. Sadly, for Shaft Lawrence, Smooth Mike, and everyone’s favorite, Booty Josh…that ship has sailed. I’m ready to do different things. But, the characters won’t die. They will just live in limbo until I’m completely out of new ideas. (and/or they turn up from parts unknown)

But…but…what about Andy?

Well, my dear friend Andy lives in a competely different part of the country, so he won’t be involved QUITE like he was with MMSBC.  But don’t worry…like I said , Basement Tapes is the same enough for me to consider it a sequel to MMSBC yet different enough for me to think it’s worth going through the trouble.  I think it’ll be really, really good, and I think my plan of attack is pretty strong. If it flops, it won’t be for lack of effort.  With Andy’s involvement I’m kinda keeping my cards close to my vest on this.  Andy doesn’t even know what I have planned for Andy. I’m the producer who cried wolf, so people won’t buy it until they’ve seen it. It should start strong. I don’t think anyone will say, “If this is what you were gonna do, why didn’t you just keep doing Main Moon Super Buffet Cinema?”

*rubs hands together*


Eats-ter Sunday.

I had a lot to eat yesterday.  Ham, baked beans, fatty potato salad, and lots of chocolate bunnies.  The highlight of the day was finally getting a family photo taken.  Check us out – ADORABLE!


Actually, I’m lucky the wind was blowing at the right angle. That head full of hair is merely an illusion.  (coming soon – a full review of the PowerGrow Laser Comb)

Not much to say really.  I dislike this time of year, so by default Easter is my least favorite holiday.  Not the worst Easter ever, but certainly the worst week I’ve had in a long time.

Nothing is worse than being broke.  I hate not having money.  Sure, the bills are paid, but not having that little blanket of cash to buy even a 20oz Mountain Dew White Out is no fun.  I came to that realization on Monday.  But hey!  I had Monday Night Raw to look forward to right?  It’s the day after Wrestlemania!  Nope.  My brand new TV…DEAD.  Won’t turn on.  Awesome.  Well, at least you don’t have to work nights this quarter, right?  WRONG.  Thursday night, I had to work from 8AM to 10PM.  No buys. At least you’re healthy.  No injuries, right?  HA!  I wish!  I broke my toe.  No joke.  This past week was not very fun.  The simple act of doing loads of laundry last night was so easy and productive and disaster-free that I ACTUALLY enjoyed it quite a bit.  I even managed to watch an episode of Storage Wars on Netflix.

I need to quit writing while I’m ahead. This post is the epitome of what I never wanted this site to be.  No one cares what I did this week.  Granted, very few people care about what I have to chime in on in regards to Tiger Handhelds and TV dinners, but I digress.  Digress, meaning I’ve gone too far off-topic, but I never really had a topic to begin with so…


By the Power of Spikor

I wonder what memories Nikoh will retain for the rest of his life.  I have plenty of memories from age 1-5.  My boy is a huge fan of scrambled eggs with cheese.  I was too.  I could count my grandmother having it ready for me every single morning.  Scrambled eggs with cheese, and a Flintstones vitamin.  One morning, I woke up, and I reached into my toy box full of Masters of the Universe figures, and I pulled out a figure named SPIKOR!  He had spikes all over his body.  Devilishly clever are the cats at Mattel.  He had a cool hand that looked kinda like a fork.  That fateful day…it WAS my fork.  I used Spikor to eat my scrambled eggs with cheese.  Today, I’m going to list some of my earliest memories.  Also, here is a picture of Mr. Thomas E. Spikor.  The E is for Elliot.

Here’s a good one…. TV dinners!  I LOVED TV dinners as a small child.  TV dinners on a character themed TV tray.  Why on earth did large metal TV trays just disappear from the universe?  I had so many cool TV trays.  They were metal, had legs that folded, and made a lot of noise when you hit them.  I’m certain I had a He-Man one of course, and MAYBE even a Dukes of Hazzard one.  Smurfs?  Perhaps.  Let’s see what cool trays I can find on eBay!

After searching, I was surprised at how few were available.  This treasure above, I know for sure housed plenty of TV dinners in my house.  There was a definite routine when it came to TV dinners on TV trays at my house.  I love routines.  I watch RAW every Monday.  I eat sushi every Thursday.  In 1986, I ate TV dinners at 6 o’clock and watched…

This was utopia.  There are things that I do now that I compare to spiritual experiences.  When I eat sushi from Tokyo Cincinnati, it sends a chill up my spine.  When I watch a good dvd bonus feature documentary while eating Chinese takeout, it puts me in a total state of relaxation.  This was the same thing.  TV dinners on a metal tray + USA Cartoon Express was so perfect, that almost 30 years later, I still get a certain feeling just THINKING about it.  I can smell the meatloaf, and I can hear the Pixie and Dixie theme.  It’s amazing, and I really hope I’m able to make those same kinds of memories for Nikoh…

Midnight Magic – Another Boyhood Dream Comes True

I stated in the earlier post that I would be moving everything from the old site to this new site for now. So, if you REALLY want to read my old articles on Reptilian Sonya, please bare with me.  She’ll be back in all of her glowing-green glory in due time.

I’m a very lucky guy.  I’ve been given the opportunity to do a lot of things that I fantasized about a small boy.  For example, I always wanted to be involved in professional wrestling.  In 2008, I met a local promoter through a friend. His name was Johnny Diamond, and he and I bonded very quickly.  He was a former wrestler in the 60’s and 70’s, and even helped launch the career of current TNA star Abyss.  He also worked as a road agent for the WWWF (WWF/WWE) in the 1980’s, and traveled with legends such as Andre the Giant and Bobo Brazil.  We would talk wrestling on the phone for hours.  I think he was impressed that I knew my history.  I could totally hang with this guy.  I’ll never forget a story he told me about being in a bar with Bobo Brazil.  Bobo was a controversial figure.  Why?  Well, I guess because he was an African American wrestling star in the 60’s.  Anyway, Johnny and Bobo were in a bar, and the bartender said to Bobo upon his entrance, “Hey, we don’t serve colored folks here.”  Bobo replied, “Good.  I wasn’t planning on ordering one!”  I LOL’d.  So, because he was so nice and willing to give me a chance, I became the CEO character for his wrestling company, and got a chance to bump around in the ring and cut promos on fans.  I’ve always been open to going back, but I got sad news over the weekend that Johnny had passed away in February.  I’m really going to miss him.  Rest in peace my friend.  I even caught a glimpse that Dave Meltzer mentioned this in the Wrestling Observer.

I was, and still am very much a total daydreamer.  I wanted to have a TV show, and I did it.  I wanted to perform music on stage, and I still do it from time to time.  I wanted to publish a comic book, and I’m continuing to do so.  I wanted to make a movie, and ummm…I discovered that I’m not a filmmaker.  Anyway, a dream or a goal that I thought would always be out of my reach, was producing, designing, and developing a classic console video game.


This is a real thing that’s really happening.  You guys have no idea how excited I am to announce that this fall, I will be selling limited copies of an MMSBC video game for the Atari 2600 VCS.  I can’t go into great detail about it yet, but I’m working with a very talented programmer who just sent me a second beta over the weekend, and all I can tell you guys right now, is that this is unlike anything that I’ve ever played on the Atari 2600.  Except Space Invaders.  And Galaxian. And Tooth Protectors.   Honestly, all kidding aside, when I was designing the concept for the game, it really is in a league of it’s own, and in my humble, biased opinion, is a game that pushed the Atari 2600 to a new level of creativity.  I guess what I’m trying to say is…it’s a lot of fun to play.  Based on the screen shot, can you take a guess at what the gameplay will be like?  Post your thoughts in the comments!  Later!