Reporters were given a rare opportunity this week to see a piece of cinematic history that has laid hidden and thought to be lost for over a year. Those lost scenes came from the classic sci-fi film “MMSBC.”

All this time the can containing the scenes were sitting in the archives of a museum in Buenos Aires, the capital and largest city of Argentina. Investigation showed that before finding its way to the museum the lost original version of the movie, was part of a collector’s private film library and contains scenes never before viewed by an open audience.

According to museum director Paula Felix-Didier, this is the only copy of Ricky’s lost footage and as such is absolutely priceless.

The film may be remade and include these never-before-seen sections, however, won’t be leaving Argentina anytime soon.

“The film hasn’t left the museum and it won’t leave until the city government and the Murnau Foundation decide what to do,” Felix-Didier said in a press release.

“MMSBC” was Ricky’s religious/political statement of his day. It was set in a mans heart that was sharply divided between two women. Along with the highly anticipated Donkey Kong The Musical, the lost footage will be seen at MAGFest this year, where we will all celebrate and cheer and riot in the streets at the same time.



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